Ruby Thurston - Santa's Magic Lap

Ruby Thurston - Santa's Magic Lap
Losing her job, her lover, and her apartment right before the holidays leaves Evie Winters down and out. With her family across the country and her best friend already tired of her couch surfing, she jumps at the chance to work at a local Christmas tree farm for December. Even if it means she has to dress as a sexy elf and the farm's owner won't drop his Santa Claus persona for five seconds. 

When Mr. Claus offers to help Evie if she'll slip onto his special naughty list and take a ride on his magic lap, she figures a little holiday role-playing romp will be the fun she needs. But she's not wishing for Santa's attention--she'd much rather be swept away by someone who can whisk her out of her situation for the long haul. Someone like Derek Nichols, the CEO of Cupid Connections and her former boss.

Derek Nichols knows he's been a bad boy this year, what with almost getting caught spying on his employees while they had sex on the clock. But firing Evie Winters before he could gather the courage to invite her into his private life was his biggest mistake. To his surprise, a trip to pick out a Christmas tree and lighten his mood provides more holiday cheer than Derek could've ever dreamed.

NOTE: this story contains mature content intended for adults only! Get ready for a festive erotic tale of a hunky voyeur CEO, a naughty exhibitionist nympho who loves being filled up, and an older man/younger woman MFM menage to quicken the heart of any humbug!

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