Ariana Paige - The Houseboy - Part 2

Ariana Paige - The Houseboy - Part 2
Thirty-something Karen continues her journey into dominance with her hunky submissive Mark on his knees beside her. As Karen dives deeper into BDSM, she finds ever more satisfaction in her life with a well-trained, well-hung boy that she could have only dreamed of before.

“If only I could have kept him bound there forever, just to admire and enjoy. His body was a work of art, adorned with the marks I was leaving on his skin.”

The Houseboy – Part 2 picks up Karen's story a few months after Ariana Paige's Five-Star rated Part 1 left readers. The happy couple continue to explore each other, finding find happiness in their roles together.

Their happiness though is under threat from best friend Shelly and her boyfriend Kyle. Plus, the truth about Mark's former Mistress is also revealed. What hasn't Mark told Karen about her? And why is Karen sporting that devilish key around her neck? She wouldn't dare put Mark's greatest asset under lock and key would she?

Join Karen on another exciting ride with her houseboy!

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