Sunday, August 21, 2016

Jax Raven - Cowboy Song

Posted by Lars Kaiden on 1:38:00 AM

Jax Raven - Cowboy Song
When Pryce Allen realizes that his obsession with his promiscuous best friend Gareth is beginning to take over his life, he decides to make a change. Leaving Cardiff for a PhD program at the University of Montana, his hope is to let the miles between them get his mind off Gareth. He doesn't expect to meet a handsome cowboy who has a mind to help him with his forgetting.

Andy Sullivan retired from the rodeo circuit five years ago after one too many broken collarbones. Now a moderately successful painter, he meets a handsome, young Welshman on a flight back to his Missoula home from a gallery opening in New York. Pryce tugs at something inside both his heart and his Wranglers, but he's not willing to play second fiddle to whoever it is Pryce is holding onto back home. He wants Pryce all to himself.

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