Interview with Mark Cisper

Interview with Mark Cisper
When did you start writing erotica and why?
I began as a poet and forever will consider myself as one. I have even coined the alter ego of The Insane Poet. I mention this, in order to answer this question, as a means to say that as a poet many themes are explored and written about it; some quite erotic. To really pinpoint a time is in the last three months of 2003. I had been suffering from difficulties in writing my poetry and one day I thought what if I try to write something completely a novel? I'll be honest, part of the motivation was to try to spark some inspiration for poetry written in voices other than my own. I was successful in that endeavor. The title of the work mention is Marina's Cries, an erotic paranormal saga which I finally had published in 2015. As to why...if you'll allow me to be very blunt? Sex is exciting and can also be one of the most powerful motivations for conflict between people as well as money. Besides, as crass as this sounds, but it's true for all things...Sex sells.

What inspires you to write in your genre?
In a way I believe I answered this in the previous answer about "sex sells"; sex is exciting, and sex is a powerful motivation for conflict in both good and bad ways. I actually will not say that I am strictly an erotic genre writer; it's just, simply at this time I haven't written anything that isn't erotic in the fiction world except my poetry. Perhaps, it's simply in my character as a male author which is my inspiration and my great appreciation for the visual beauty of the female form which is my truest inspiration, at least in this genre.

What makes you different?
I think what makes me different is I never started out writing short stories or novels, but I began as a poet. With all writers, they reach a point of crisis when faced with a long block. This was the catalyst for me to write my first novel in 2003, Marina's Cries. Then the block returned; which I referred to as a Creative Coma. In 2013, I awoke from my Creative Coma to begin writing again by picking up where I had left off on an (originally) short story concept which turned into quite an adventure called The Princess Slave: Mei's Song. I followed that up by picking up on writing another abandoned novel concept which is now completed called Courtney's Charge. At the same time, I began fresh from my mind a short stories book as a counterpart to The Princess Slave: Mei's Song featuring character from the novel and some new characters call Tales from Inside The Lair. Currently, and since the completion of Courtney's Charge I have been writing my darkest novel to date, MASTERPIECE: A Killer's View of Art. So I guess what makes me different is that every book I write has a beginning, a middle, and an end; I do not write series books. Also, while these past years since awakening from my Creative Coma my writing has focused on the erotic, I will not say that someday I will once again expand my reach into other genres.

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