Interview with Jezebel Greer

Interview with Jezebel Greer
When did you start writing erotica and why?
I wrote my first erotic story when I was in college. The attraction between me and one of my teachers was so intense, that expressing my desire in words was the only thing I could do to keep me from jumping him. I posted the story on a writing website and people actually liked it. I went on to be published in multiple anthologies under my real name, but recently decided to write under a pen name instead. It's been freeing!

What inspires you to write in your genre?
I live for the thrill of passion and desire. I’m naturally a highly sexual woman and a creature of secrets (what can I say, I’m a scorpio.) I write erotica because I need a way to channel all that passion!

What makes you different?
I have been told that I write “gourmet erotica.” All of my stories are heavy with the depth and emotion of forbidden desire. I would never write about two people doing it just for the sake of doing it. I simply don't enjoy writing (or reading) that kind of erotica. Along with hot sex there’s got to be depth and there’s got to be substance.

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