Amber Skye - Community Cervix

Amber Skye - Community Cervix
Twenty-eight-year-old Nicole Peterson's life has not worked out as planned. After divorcing her husband and subsequently suffering numerous romantic failings, she leaves the Midwest and returns to her childhood home in Georgia. Her lonely father offers her a job as his personal assistant and provides a nice setup in the basement of her former home.

When she impulsively signs up for a community service project in the neighborhood, with hopes of possibly exploring a new romantic interest, she is initially disappointed when paired with another female.

But she discovers that the young woman is someone she once babysat, and her disappointment evaporates and a blossoming friendship ensues. But there is something Nicole is unaware of when she befriends the twenty-two-year-old Harper Chavez.

Community Cervix takes us on a journey of discovery and exploration, love and compassion. As the two women find companionship and comfort in one another, their lives are forever changed. A gripping and heart-warming tale, Amber Skye's erotic romance will leave you both aroused and happily teary eyed.

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