A. Allegra - A Lick of Fire

A. Allegra - A Lick of Fire
Wichita Territory, North America, 500 CE.

It was a normal hunting trip, until Niswi put an arrow through Iskay's eye. The latter had travelled north from her mesoamerican empires in search of adventure. Instead, she found a tribe shaman - an immortal just like her. The two women couldn't ignore the gravitational pull between them.

Iskay likes to kill, and Niswi learns to like getting killed - over and over again in the throws of passion. They don't call it the "little death" for nothing.

About the "Immortal Passion" series:

A series of steamy encounters spanning millennia and continents, connected by a group of eternal youths. These youths fill their long lives and fleeting days with adventure and decadence.

Each short but sexy instalment zooms in on a moment had in the lives of these immortals across a range of settings. Their bodies never age and never tire... And they know exactly how to use them. Get to know and love these bright young things through the sexiest epic ever told!


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