A. Allegra - The Dark Duchess

A. Allegra - The Dark Duchess
Spain, 1700 CE.

Iskay and Quintus are two immortals about to meet for the first time in her luxurious mansion. Their eternally youthful bodies come crashing together in a passionately sexual encounter. Prepare your heart for racing as you experience the titillatingly graphic descriptions of their first meeting.

This is a short and sexy first installment of the "Immortal Passion" series.

A series of steamy encounters spanning millennia and continents, connected by a group of eternal youths – sometimes scattered, sometimes united. These youths fill their long lives and fleeting days with adventure and decadence. They experience a magnetic pull to each other, allowing them to come crashing together across land and sea.

Each short but sexy instalment zooms in on a moment had in the lives of these immortals across a range of settings. Their bodies never age and never tire... And they know exactly how to use them. Get to know and love these bright young things through the sexiest epic ever told!

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