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Olivia Strange - Revival

Olivia Strange - Revival
Vanessa Franklin is an emergency medicine physician. When a half-naked man covered in blood staggers into her hospital, the handsome stranger arouses her in ways she scarcely thought possible. It’s as if she’d known him, somehow and in every way, in some distant time and place. Attempting to defibrillate him, she’s hurled back a century to fogbound Victorian London where she’s astounded to discover she and Rex Talbot are both members of a group of vampire hunters, the Pentacle.

Then begins a desperate race to prevent the vampire lord they’d dispatched from being resurrected. Yet deprived of each other’s body for over a century, their rekindled passion knows no bounds, no limits and blinds them to danger. If Lord Edgar is revived to lead his minions, he will want more than their blood.

Inside Scoop: Vanessa and Countess Leonora aren’t selfish lovers—they invite Rex to turn their F/F play into a ménage!

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