Interview with Tamara Vincent

Interview with Tamara Vincent
When did you start writing erotica and why?
I started writing when I was in high school, and at the time I wrote mostly horror and ghost stories in particular. The shift to erotica came a few years later, as a natural consequence of my personal evolution. I found out I had much more fun writing naughty stories than creepy ones. I started publishing in 2014.

What inspires you to write in your genre?
I find debauchery fun, and I am particularly fond of stories in which good girls discover and embrace their bad side. I find inspiration in my fantasies and sometimes in my real life experiences. Also, I have a number of fixations and fetishes that are a great source of ideas.

What makes you different?
I write from the perspective of a bisexual female, and I love naughty stories featuring girls going wild. Also, I am firmly convinced that sex is fun, and therefore in my stories, sex is usually enjoyed as a source of well-being and growth. Being naughty makes us better.

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