Interview with Ariana Paige

Interview with Ariana Paige
When did you start writing erotica and why?
I started writing erotica years ago, when I was young. I know it started with a lot of really adolescent poetry and dirty pining for cute boys. Over the years, it has evolved, like all of my writing, into something much more. I write because I have to. Characters sneak into my head, and they won't leave me alone until I put their stories down on paper. The satisfying part for me is watching how their tales unfold when I let them lead the way. I try to let them take life on the page organically, which makes the entire experience fascinating for me, as I discover who they are, what makes them who they are, and all the ridiculously naughty things they get up to. Then I get to dissect how they are a part of me, my fantasies and my own past. Like most writers, what I put down on paper is self-indulgent and self-exploration, but I know people enjoy reading it, and frankly, I can't help but get off on sharing it!

What inspires you to write in your genre?
I love sex. Period. I am a bit of a wanton slut, though I'm a lot choosier than I used to be. Sex is an incredible and fun topic to explore, and one that is almost always on my mind. A lot of men think that women don't think about sex, but we do ... a lot. I have also learned that there is a lot of really, really horrible erotica writing out there. Poorly written crap that doesn't deserve to be read. The fact that I can publish well-crafted stories with developed characters and include a lot of down-right dirty fucking is rewarding to me. I hope that my stories interest fans of erotica, and I hope that they enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it.

What makes you different?
I am focused on my characters first. They are important to me and giving them life on the page is almost a sacred act for me. They have a story to tell, and even though it may be deviant, taboo or dirty, their story belongs to them, and my job is to help them tell it. This gives my writing a more honest focus, because it's less about writing about a specific fetish or kink or a specific fuck scene. My stories about people who have sex, but they are about more than just people having sex. I think a lot of readers are hungry for smut that's smart and engaging. And that's my goal in all that I do.

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