Saturday, July 23, 2016

Heather M. Walker - The Reclaiming Of Charlotte Moss

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Heather M. Walker - The Reclaiming Of Charlotte Moss
With her divorce finally final, Charlotte Moss is determined to find the missing parts of herself that her oppressive marriage claimed. No longer chained to the demands of a cruel husband, a new found sense of freedom has filled her with hope. Mixed with the hope is the fear of letting go of her past, and the terror of being hurt again. Even with the fresh sense of freedom, Charlotte’s quiet demeanor and shyness make it hard for her to overcome her recent past.

Vincent, a local artist, has admired Charlotte from a distance since first meeting her at the restaurant where she worked.

When they become friends, it becomes evident each of them yearns for the other. Vincent wants to reassure her in the most primal, sensual and loving ways, but he worries that her shyness and fear of being hurt will keep her from giving him a chance.

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