Ariana Paige - With Lustful Intent

Ariana Paige - With Lustful Intent
Ashley is a beautiful, free-spirited young woman in a small town. Uninhibited and untamed, she sets her sights on the town's handsome, new minister. When he rejects her attempts to entice him, Ashley lays a plan to lure him in and trap him.

"I was twenty-six. I was in no hurry to settle down, and the last thing in the world I wanted was to find myself beholden to some man. No one owned me. I did the owning, and I liked it that way just fine."

Reverend James Pickering may think he's the one guiding Ashley towards a more righteous path, but in the end, he will be the one who learns a thing or two from this confident temptress. Scorned, but unbowed, Ashley knows she holds a power over men far too great for even a minister to resist.
The second Amazon title from erotica writer Ariana Paige, With Lustful Intent charges into the taboo, questioning our morality and our fear of judgment, not from God, but from one another. Both racy and thought-provoking, the book stares down the notions of sin and small town values.

An excerpt:

I had walked this path dozens of times, maybe a hundred or more. I knew the lay of the ground, the spot where I would stop and lay my blanket. This was my home turf. The trail wound around just a bit, the soft soil surrounded by pine needles. The path narrowed a bit and then took a final curve before it opened up into a small clearing with a view of the lake.
I spread out the blanket by the head of the trail, a nice flat soft area free of rocks. The tall grass by the lake rustled in the breeze behind me and the trees stood watch all around. It was time to make everything perfect for his arrival.
I heard his footsteps coming up the path. I was ready, my trap set and my prey only moments away. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes just before he came into view. I listened to him approach and then heard him stop. “Ashley,” he cried out. “What are you doing?”

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