Rae Mullen - Call Me Eve: Part One of the Island of Eve Series

Eve was a relatively normal 23-year-old California girl, except for being a nymphomaniac. To her, the unquenchable lust was nothing more than a part of life ... until her life crashed into the South Pacific ocean.

Deserted on an island, she is left to her own devices to learn how to survive, only that's not the worst of it. For a woman with a sexual hunger like Eve, being without another person to touch, she must resort to her stock-pile of fantasies and the memories of her own past. If she ever gets off that island, she plans to never let her sexuality be a hinderance, and instead will do everything she can to ensure her life is filled with all the sex she can get.

Just when it seems like she'll never get the chance to life that life, a storm shipwrecks eleven others on her island: members of an Australian college rowing team. On that island, there are no rules, no one to judge Eve's exploration of these dozen gorgeous young men.

What could possibly go wrong?

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