Interview with Ashleigh Mixon

Interview with Ashleigh Mixon
When did you start writing erotica and why?
I started writing erotica in high school. Back then it was more like a journal of my experiences and fantasies. I'm really not sure why I started writing it. Maybe because I wanted to keep track of everything, I'm OCD like that. Maybe because I had fantasies that I couldn't tell my friends about. I posted it on one of the journal sites, but I don't think anyone read it. That's alright, it was more for me and the writing was pretty bad so it's better that non one else read it. I would say I really started writing erotica in college. After seeing an ad online, I wrote short stories for spending money. The stories weren't that great, the money wasn't either, but it was a great way to really get a lot of writing experience quickly.

What inspires you to write in your genre?
I don't know if I really have one genre. I write a lot of slutty wife stories, but I like to dabble in other stories like babysitters that need to be punished and barely legal encounters with teachers. As far as the hotwife stories, they started when I was in a long-term, serious relationship that looked like it was going towards marriage. I wondered what it would be like to be married, would I be able to control my sexual desires? Or would I act out on them. Other stories come from my own fantasies, or stories I've heard from friends, etc.

What makes you different?
Three things. I like to write hardcore stories with all of the details. I focus less on the romance and more on the x-rated details. Also, I like to keep my stories grounded in reality. Most of the characters are based on people I know, or sometimes myself. I like to put them in situations that seem like they really could happen and see what they do in those situations. Also, all of my main characters are women with very healthy sexual appetites and aren't afraid of a cumshot.

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