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Dorothy Kollat - Heated

Dorothy Kollat - Heated
Resort owners Brent and Julio accidentally hired two chefs for the position to teach cooking classes in the new Oasis kitchen.

Sexy celebrity chef by day, Max Romanos is also a Dom by night. Based in New York, he thrives in the spotlight. The young, beautiful Cassandra Bello is a chef who has traveled the globe, authored culinary books, and has intentionally thwarted publicity.

Once they are in the kitchen, things get heated for this unlikely pair. Max is well known for placing lust over romance, while Cassandra’s travel schedule and shy disposition has left little room for finding love. She protects her privacy, and he shields his heart from the possibility of pain. Even though both Max and Cassandra are extremely guarded, the attraction between them is undeniable. When passion drives them together, the carefully constructed emotional walls they've built unhinge, bringing about a deliciously heated affair.

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