SM Blush - Shades Of Blush

SM Blush - Shades Of Blush
50 Adult Erotic Poems!
"Shades Of Blush" is a collection of sexually explicit poems written to get the juices flowing so to speak. Sort of a verbal foreplay if you will. Some of these works are sure to make you blush. The words and images they conjure up are sure to quicken your heart rate "as well as increase blood flow to certain areas of the body."
Keep this handy in the bedroom and bring it along as a travel companion too. You can read a poem or two, sit back, close your eyes and relax into an erotic daydream. Or, share it with a friend, take turns reading to one another and see where things lead!
You married couples will love it too!
So take off some clothes, read a little, and remember, "In fantasy's, you can do anything!"
Put a little spice back in your love life!
Read one a day and improve your play!

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