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M. J. Spencer - Ms. Fix-It: Josie and the Boys

M. J. Spencer - Ms. Fix-It: Josie and the Boys
Josie has an insatiable appetite for hot, young studs. The temporary kind. The ones who will leave when the busy season is over and she can forget all about them. Names don't matter, just whether or not they'll shove their thick cocks deep inside and shoot their hot loads inside her tight pussy or down her throat. One of her favorite things to do is to coat a long, thick cock in her bright-red slut lipstick.

In this short naughty story, she takes home two young studs. She's been flirting with them all morning and now she decides the boys are going to be her lunch. She gets her pussy filled, her throat shot down, and since that isn't enough to satiate this young, nubile slut, she takes them into the bedroom for some more double-penetration action. 

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