Interview with Jenna Thalia

Interview with Jenna Thalia
When did you start writing erotica and why?
I write traditional romance under a different name, and found my characters in those books- typically restricted to euphemisms wanted to get down and dirty. So, I decided to dip my toe into erotic writing.

What inspires you to write in your genre?
The books that are published currently- The Professor series, are sort of inspired by an actual Professor I had in graduated school. He was probably around fifty, and still had one of those little flip phones. He was sexy as hell, and when I was in his class I found myself wondering how he would react if one of his students sent him an overtly sexual text. How would he respond? Would he volley back? Would he jerk off to the dirty words he saw? So from there I wrote Tease--the first in the series and then it just kept going from there.

What makes you different?
Hmm. Good question. I'm a sensualist. I like drawing things out. Building tension. I think that writing should be as close to great sex as possible. I'm so disappointed when so many erotic books are just tits and dicks and sex. There's no real build up once they get to the act. And sex is all about the simmer pot, and not the boil--in my opinion. That's what I like to have in my stories too. A sex act might take six pages to get to completion.

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