Thursday, May 5, 2016

Daemon Bayne - Baal's Lust

Posted by Lars Kaiden on 4:04:00 AM

Daemon Bayne - Baal's Lust
Ezra Collins was a very powerful warlock thanks to his bargain with a lord of Hell. Baal had made him powerful beyond measure and forever young. For almost a hundred years, Baal has remained quiet. Out of nowhere, the bargain price has been requested. Baal wants a certain human female to bear his child. This child will be his vessel for incarnation into the mortal plane. Baal is determined to thwart the decree of Heaven.

Ezra must now find this gifted silver-eyed female that Baal has commanded him to find. She must be prepared before the next blood moon that is eight months away. Ezra knows the price of failure and the reward of success. How will he pull this off so that his master will deliver on the ultimate promise?

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