Ashley Haynes - Ricochet

Ashley Haynes  - RicochetI felt detached from reality. Like we were spinning through space and nothing existed outside of ourselves. This wasreally, really dangerous. I couldn’t stop now. Every touch made me spiral faster, sink deeper. He already felt like a vital part of me, like I couldn’t remember what my life was like before him. There was no turning back.

“I love you so much, Lilly. It’s almost painful, it aches,” he breathed. 
“That’s what love actually feels like, I think. When all the butterflies fly away and it feels like your heart is slowly breaking but you don’t want it to stop,” I whispered. I used to be unsure what exactly love felt like. But now I’m certain. It’s this. It feels like this. It’s dark, and it’s heavy, and it eats you alive.

With humor, drama, and a heavy dose of BDSM, Ricochet is a witty and delightfully vulgar take on the erotic novel. Join Lilly, the refreshingly strong female lead, on her journey of sexual awakening, while she figures out exactly what she stands for.

*WARNING* Contains explicit sexual content and vulgar language. 18+

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