Rusty Nock - Salacious Seductions

Rusty Nock - Salacious Seductions
Salacious Seductions is the first in a series of three erotic novels covering several generations of the Brown family. The story begins in rural England in 1876 when a young maid is involved in an impromptu relationship with the farmers eldest son. What transpires thereafter, causes Sarah the maid to flee the neighbourhood, and she falsifies an application to seek a new life as an Australian immigrant.

The long voyage on a three-masted sailing ship proves extremely arduous and at the end of the marathon trip, she arrives exhausted and in need of some assistance in getting her life back together.

Sarah now experiences a change in her fortunes, and life becomes adventurous in ways she could never have imagined.

The book contains many graphic descriptions of sexual passion, which will educate the inexperienced reader, and stimulate the arousal in those who are interested in straight sex, or bisexual female activities.

The book is followed on by Debaucherous Desires, & the series ends with Flirtatious Fantasies, where sexual freedoms and adventurous practices, are described in the most explicit detail.

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