Misty Cuoco - Werewolf in New York

Misty Cuoco  - Werewolf in New York
Mick is lost and frightened. Though he knows his werewolf body gives him super strength, agility and a keen sense of survival, he does not understand why he has found himself alone, away from his Pack. Overcome by the scents of this strange city called ‘New York’, lost in its crowds, he wonders how will he find them? His dreams are held captive by encounters with a beautiful redhead. Fate transforms him in ways he has never known, bringing him to the most unlikely of lovers!

Nina's life is busy and exciting! She thinks she has everything she needs until one day a mysterious stranger drops into her life. Her wandering and lustful desire to be loved is as strong and vibrant as her scorching red hair. When they meet everything changes forever! 

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Werewolf In New York (The Shape-Shifter Chronicles Book 1)