Saturday, March 26, 2016

Mark Cisper - Marina's Cries

Posted by Lars Kaiden on 1:33:00 AM

Mark Cisper - Marina's Cries
When Marina and Federico got married everything seemed to be perfect. She had found a very loving and compassionate man that she desired to live her life with until she was old and grey. Marina was overjoyed when her husband introduced four wonderful, beautiful women to be house servants to assist her in the house while she could concentrate on her writing and art. However, unknown to Marina, these four women had come from the town brothel in which Federico owned. Also, unknown to Marina, these four women which would become her dear and most trusted friends were also charged with providing her husband the services of their bodies whenever he chose to indulge in them. It was not until returning a damaged man after severe amnesia from the First World War that Federico brought his sexual depravities into his bed of matrimony. Conflicted, Marina confronted him to stop; this led to Marina’s, the servants, and his pregnant mistress to be put to death at Federico’s hands….

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