M. J. Spencer - Lucky Supervisor - Supervisor Sexcapades 2

M. J. Spencer - Lucky Supervisor - Supervisor Sexcapades 2
Breanna is absolutely sure that there is something going on between Blake and Chloe. She just hasn’t had the good luck to catch them in the act yet. Jeopardizing some of her own projects, she continually, and randomly, knocks on Blake’s door. She knows that she will find out what’s going on if she just keeps trying.

Chloe is starting to fear for her job, but she can’t seem to keep herself from lifting her skirt whenever Blake has her alone for more than two minutes. She’s even gone so far as to hide under his desk and tease him with his boss standing right there in the doorway. So much is going on outside work that she just doesn’t want to think about it and allowing Blake to take her removes all those nasty thoughts.

Blake is sure they are going to be caught at any time. Breanna keeps barging in everywhere. He thinks she has even sent her assistant, Landon, to spy on them when she’s in meetings. Regardless, he can’t seem to stop himself from plunging head first into Chloe as often as she’ll let him.

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