Kent Decker - The Eros machine

Kent Decker - The Eros machine
No one wants to stop The Machine.

Douglas Eckhart is a dominant billionaire that is used to getting what he wants from women, and after a chance meeting with attorney Kent Wallace, he has created a machine to give him precisely what he wants. Claudia Voight is an aimless college student, bored with school and lacking direction or any plan for the future. But then she meets Kent, a handsome, charismatic, and commanding man who turns her world upside down. She is removed from the life she knows and immersed in The Machine, a global organization that trains submissive women to be the playthings of wealthy and powerful men. No one wants to stop The Machine, and there is no escaping The Machine. The only way out of it is through it.

But once on the other side, will Claudia still want to escape it?

This novel probes some of the darker aspects of human behavior. It depicts numerous acts that would be criminal, were they to have actually happened, including illicit drug use, tax evasion, conspiracy to commit murder, kidnapping, and aspects of sexual activity with questionable consent. It contains heavy BDSM themes, graphic sexual content, graphic language, and it is recommended for adults only. If you are a fragile and special snowflake that needs "trigger warnings" and "safe spaces", this book is not for you.

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The Eros Machine