She Said - The Red Flag Affair

She Said - The Red Flag Affair
Based on a true story, they were two people each seeking adventure, passion, an escapism from routine. Mindful of what they thought they wanted, would the other be the connection? Intensely attracted to each other, their hands ached to roam all over the other, their lips yearning to be kissed, their loins aflame – and this was just after they met.
They had different ideas of their ideal partners – neither of them measuring up to the other’s expectations, yet still intensely drawn together. Was it timing? Was it need or maybe the universe conspiring to give them both what their souls desperately desired? 

Tinder, the dating app, was the conduit for these strangers meeting. Both searching for a diversion, a desire to turn their backs on reality and push pause on everyday life. Driven by a common goal for fun and a hunger to share it with another, they plan an 8 day tropical adventure, after meeting only twice. 

The other a virtual stranger, appearing wildly attractive – they decided on a whim to take each other away for a long week. They knew that at least one night would be spent in each other’s arms, finding out what made them tick sexually. They didn’t know whether this would lead to anything. They also appreciated that going for 8 days was one risky roll of the dice but one that added to their excitement.

Coming from very different situations, he, fresh out of a 7-year marriage, she, burnt and utterly cautious. They were aware that this scenario was fraught with danger. Where did common sense say that you should go away with someone you had met only two weeks ago and had seen twice?

With Red Flags their only guidance, can they navigate their time to be filled with sexual pleasure or will it go horribly wrong resulting in 8 days in a romantic surrounding, with only each other for company? 

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