Jane Wilder - The Movie Star's Married Lover

Jane Wilder - The Movie Star's Married Lover
Della made friends with the star of the last movie she worked on, and now she's on holiday with him and her husband, in a secluded house in the French countryside.

She's trying to keep her lust for the actor to herself - she's much too curvy to appeal to a man that pants-droppingly handsome, it would be embarrassing to let her crush show.

But it's very difficult when he's so flirty, and then it seems her husband has his own ideas about how the holiday should go.

ADULTS ONLY: this short contains explicit, arousing, intensely passionate sex (in a threesome).

"Really, this is a masterpiece of the slow burn, and quickly blasts you with a furnace of sexual desire... The sex is beautiful and nasty, with touching moments and plenty of feeling and desire... Strong recommend. " Sylvia Storm, Senior Editor, lead reviewer at ereaderotica.com 

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