Interview with Kat Kylie

Interview with Kat Kylie
When did you start writing erotica and why?
I began writing erotica for the masses to read in 2015. I began writing erotica for a couple special people to read in 2010. I am a copywriter by trade and have written novels under my real name as well but really enjoyed the pleasure derived from writing something that makes readers bite their lips and explore a little personal satisfaction behind a locked door. Initially I wrote sexy stories for a few online friends as a way to fantasize about chance encounters and spice up budding romances. It went well but my satisfaction fizzled when I was only receiving gratification from one reader at a time. I needed more.

What inspires you to write in your genre?
In all honesty, it's just a personal craving for attention and an insatiable desire to get off. I write for myself. I write what gets me wet and knowing that it, in turn, heats up someone else makes my own excitement spill over tenfold. It's all very self-satisfying. I'm not in it for fame or money. If I was interested in either, I wouldn't be using a pen name and I would be using phrases like, "he touched my sex" instead of opting for more explicit descriptions. I'm a selfish girl. This is for me.

What makes you different?
Once I started exploring what was out there, I realized that the major portion of accessible literary erotica caters to the taboo. There's a lot of non-blood relationship stuff, BDSM and the bizarre hentai type of tales. I'm not opposed to such works and I've enjoyed a few step-brother stories locked in the handicap stall in my office bathroom in the lull between lunch and quitting time myself (TMI?) but that's not the direction I wanted to take my own writing. I wanted to stick with romantic stories people could believe, with the raw, realistic sexual encounters included. I wanted to create characters that people would get invested in and want to follow. The sex needed to be integral to the story and hot enough to take my readers to the places they really wanted to go but I wanted them to read the rest of the story because they wanted to, not because they were searching for the dirty stuff. Only time will tell if I succeeded.

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