Interview with Michael Linen

Interview with Michael Linen
When did you start writing erotica and why?
I originally was mainly a writer of love and romance stories. But in my early 30s I became interested in writing erotica as well. There is absolutely nothing wrong with writing a good intense, and compelling love or romance story, but we sometimes have a craving for something much more intense. Something much more fiery. Something that will stimulate our mind and body, and get our juices flowing. That kind of excitement can sometimes be found in reading a good erotic story.

What inspires you to write in your genre?
When it comes to relationships, love, making love, and sex, there is an intense passion and fire that burns inside of me. There are times when I’m in a tame mood, and I'm feeling a love and romance story. But there are other times when that fiery side of me is feeling something much more steamy, scandalous, sexual, and erotic. Something that will not only stimulate the reader's mind, feelings, and emotions, but will also stimulate your their body, and sexual fantasies. For that I have created the urban erotic series "A Quietstorm Erotic Tale".

What makes you different?
I always tell everyone that what makes my erotic stories different is that I write erotica as I see it thru my eyes. I'm not trying to follow anyone else's trend. I'm not trying to write like someone else, or trying to follow what's trending. I write it as I see it and as I feel it.Sometimes I write it with a twist from the norm, and sometimes my characters, story, or theme may be a little out of the box. I believe in being as creative as my mind will take me. Again... I write it as I feel it and as I see it. Which is thru my own eyes.

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