Interview with Matt Converse

Interview with Matt Converse
When did you start writing erotica and why?
I fell into it by virtue of the subject matter of my novella. I write horror, but Behind the Velvet Curtain fell into erotica because the main character is a gay male stripper, so sex is definitely a part of the story. I guess it's true sex sells because my first erotic work was the first to be published. It's not surprising, who doesn't like steamy sex? 

What inspires you to write in your genre?
Sex is a part of life, so almost any story has some erotic elements in it. I love the mix of horror or thriller with erotica, it gives it a edgier plot than the typical romance or erotica. But no matter what the genre is, you have to love to write. Success doesn't bring happiness, happiness brings success. 

What makes you different?
My point of view. I'm weird, always have been, even for an author. I never liked reading in school, but I loved to write. I have a pretty vivid imagination and always have, and writing is the perfect fit. I'm not big on flowery language or trying to impress with vocabulary, my goal is simply to entertain. My inspirations range from Alfred Hitchcock and Stephen King to Lady Gaga.  

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