Interview with Sexycrets

Interview with Sexycrets
When did you start writing erotica and why?
We started our journey in the sexual and relationships field more than 3 years ago by writing sexual tips for anyone who would like to read them. After the success of the content we were sharing we decided to open the creation to anybody who would like to inspire other people's sexual life from our website. Then we created the Sexycrets apps for iOS and Android which already have more than 20,000 downloads. And finally, we wanted to put together the best 200 sex tips shared by the Sexycrets community. These were all real tips shared by real people and voted by all the community. 

What inspires you to write in your genre?
Everything we do on our lives inspires us to help people have a better sex life and better relationships. We ourselves have learned through the years to embrace a sex positive attitude and understand from what surrounds us how to get the pleasure we want and deserve. We believe in sharing and that is why everyday we work hard to make content and books that can help people in any way.
Apart from that, we love sex and everything it brings. That feeling of freedom, of being in another world just surrounded by pleasure. And passion. Lots of passion.

What makes you different?
What makes us different is that we write about what people want to share with the community. We want our books to be helpful and improve people's sexual lives. And most importantly, we want them to be easy to read and practical in nature. With "What should you know about sex (and nobody told you)?" we aimed to create a compilation of sex tips that our readers could use instantly (hopefully). People should not need to read it all and could go back to it whenever they need some inspiration on how to surprise their partners. Or maybe if they just want a laugh. Honestly, some of the tips are hilarious. 

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