Interview with Quin Ripley

Interview with Quin Ripley
When did you start writing erotica and why?
I started writing erotic stories for a boyfriend to turn him on when we were apart (my goal was to get him to run to the nearest private spot.). I'd been a romance writer for a while (ghost writing) and he said I had the chops and should turn my spare time into something for myself. I decided to give it a go and here I am.

What inspires you to write in your genre?
Scifi and erotica. They're like peanut butter and jelly. They belong together. All sticky and savory and sweet and stuck to the bread...

What makes you different?
I took my time and wrote a good story too. I had my book professionally edited on two levels--developmental and line edits. I hired a pro to do my cover. This is the next generation in erotica--well written, professionally produced and beautifully packaged. Like an expensive sweet.

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