Interview with JC Winchester

Interview with JC Winchester
When did you start writing erotica and why?
About twelve years ago I started to write on a Choose Your Own Adventure forum as a creative outlet but as the site died off so did my interest in writing. About three years ago I was on a forum associated with an erotica website and an old friend convinced me to join the Survivor contest for the upcoming year. I got hooked on exploring the different categories of erotica and trying out new things. 

What inspires you to write in your genre?
The idea of being able to put aside some of the perceived social boundaries. What if we had a world where it was acceptable for women to be as sexually active as men? Or a world where people accepted others for their sexual identities and desires? I like to explore those worlds and see where they take me. 

What makes you different?
I like to explore different sexualities and types of relationships. Humans are very diverse and I like including that diversity in my writing. I'm also very into the outdoors so that tends to become a background for many of my stories.Quite a number of the stories feature hiking, backpacking, or camping.  

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