Interview with Katie Swallows

Interview with Katie Swallows
When did you start writing erotica and why?
I've always messed around with writing down my sexual fantasies and turning them into stories for me to re-read but it's was only recently that I discovered the popularity of erotica within the writing community. I decided to see if I could publish some of my stories. The first book went up on amazon very recently and I'm looking at having the next one ready very soon. I like reading and writing short sexy tales with scenes that are considered risque or taboo. 

What inspires you to write in your genre?
I love writing the things people fantasise about but often would never try. Like gangbangs, which is the basis of the first series I'm publishing. I want to add a legitimacy to the things women think about to get turned on, but rarely admit to because the acts are frowned upon. Like adding dubious consent to a story, or getting into kinky, bdsm play. 

What makes you different?
I guess I'm different because I'm pretty blatant when I write sex. I don't hint at what my characters are doing, or use cute terms for body parts. You know exactly who's in what hole and how it feels. I don't beat around the bush, so to speak, unless it's a BDSM scene and someone's actually being beaten. :)

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