Interview with Anna Lores

Interview with Anna Lores
When did you start writing erotica and why?
I started my journey writing erotica about four years ago. I’d been reading a lot of romance novels and gravitated toward erotica. I love exploring relationships that rely on extreme trust. Sex, love, respect all require an enormous amount of trust in real life and in the fantasy world of fiction. The character’s vulnerability that goes along with their sexual choices pulls me into a story, keeps me there and makes me invested inside that world. I strive to give my readers a place where they can invest in the characters, fall in love, experience sex through them, and open their minds to a new way of thinking.

What inspires you to write in your genre?
Inspiration comes in so many ways, a touch, a word, a gesture can take me to a place where I can let my thoughts run wild. Since sex is a major part of life, reading and writing within the erotica genre is a natural fit. Without sex the population would cease to exist. But it’s more than sex that makes the erotica genre. Themes of control, fear, submission, domination, trust, peace, elation inspire me the most. Also, hearing about a person changing their perception of this fantastic genre because of a well-written story thrills me. Having that person see a different kind of relationship as wonderful and vulnerable, instead of taboo, changes the real world of life into a much more accepting place. 

What makes you different?
I want my readers to love the story I weave, but I also want my readers to come away knowing they are worth much more than they believe they are. Life carries with it hardships. Sometimes things seem dire and that they will never change, but circumstances do change. My characters have struggles, but they find a way through it, start to trust the right people, open their hearts, minds and bodies to transform their lives. Does everything go as planned? No. But such is life, right?

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