Monday, July 13, 2015

SJ Smith - Peeper: An Erotic Crime Comedy

Posted by Lars Kaiden on 5:14:00 AM

SJ Smith - Peeper: An Erotic Crime Comedy
Adam Jenks Jenkins’ carefree life as a small-time private investigator is about to get very complicated.

There’s something ‘off’ about his new client, but work is hard to come by in the Welsh town of Llanrhos, and the return is far above his usual paygrade. All he has to do is find a mystery woman and retrieve a set of sexually explicit photographs. Sounds easy. Too easy.

Jenks’ sanity is tested as the case drags him ever deeper into the dangerous world of Veronica Tailor, where blackmail, seduction and threats of violence run rife.

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Peeper: An Erotic Crime Comedy

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