Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Samantha Love - Serving the Roommate

Posted by Lars Kaiden on 3:59:00 AM

Samantha Love - Serving the Roommate
Phil’s finally graduated. He has an impressive new job at a hedge fund and a spacious Manhattan apartment. He even has a sexy roommate he met during college. Sure, she just wants to be friends, but he’s cool with that . . . until she comes home with another man. Phil quickly finds himself desperate to be with Melanie in any way he can. Lucky for him, Melanie is happy to oblige. Phil doesn’t know Melanie paid her way through college by being a professional dominatrix, but he’s about to be enrolled in a school that, until now, he thought only existed in his wildest fantasies, and sometimes . . . his worst nightmares.

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Serving the Roommate: Degradation never felt so good